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About Us

Catholic Trends is a private and non-profit media organization that provides global news coverage of the Catholic Church with a critical eye on the Church’s activities in Ghana. Founded in 2022 by a group of young, passionate, and dedicated Catholic media and communication professionals, Catholic Trends has quickly expanded to become the Catholic News Hub in Ghana and beyond.

Our mission at Catholic Trends is to leverage new media technologies and the enthusiasm of our young volunteers to provide Catholic dioceses and parishes in Ghana and beyond with access to the most recent news in response to the Church’s New Evangelization initiative. We believe that access to timely news and information is crucial to fostering a sense of Catholic thought and building a stronger Catholic community in Ghana.

At Catholic Trends, we capture the Church’s activities in pictures, videos, and news articles via our website and social media handles to raise awareness of the Catholic Church in Ghana. Our goal is to provide a platform for Catholics in Ghana to connect and engage with their faith and to promote a deeper understanding of the Catholic Church’s teachings, values, and traditions.

As a non-profit organization, Catholic Trends relies on the support of our donors and sponsors to continue our mission of providing accurate and timely news coverage of the Catholic Church in Ghana. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of journalistic integrity and transparency in all our reporting and providing a forum for diverse perspectives and opinions on issues that affect the Catholic community in Ghana and beyond.

Catholic Trends is dedicated to providing comprehensive and critical coverage of the Catholic Church in Ghana and beyond. Our commitment to new media technologies, journalistic integrity, and community engagement makes us a unique and valuable resource for Catholics in Ghana and worldwide.